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Welcome to Room 2's blog page for 2017

Room 2

Term 1

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Our Place to Stand 

Turangawaewae is our concept this term.

Religious Education....

We have been exploring the inspiring people behind the names of our school HOUSES.

Here are photos of our group posters that we made.
Making a Treaty..........
We have been discussing the topic of treaty making.
Here is a photo of our class treaty.

 After reading  the book 'The Tree House Treaty', we decided to choose a tree in the school grounds and make it ours.  We have called it HARRY.

In class we created a HARRY tree from bark rubbings for the trunk and coloured in the green leaves with crayons.  It is kind-of special but it does get caught in the window blinds, so we have to be careful.

We discuss the reasons for creating the Waitangi Treaty in the early days and how this treaty is still being honoured and worked with today.
Here is a slideshow showing our artwork - which shows a big fish going to eat the smaller fish, even though there is bait right in front of them.

Yes we did a lot of talking about the many meanings and ideas that this gave to us and how we should treat each other in the class.

Click the BLUE title to find your picture.

Our Class Animals........
We have 2 mice called Milo and Marshmallow.

We have 2 fish called Swim and Swam.

We have 1 canary called Rosie.

CLICK on the blue words to see photos of our pets.

Photos of our class pets.

Arts Rotation.....
We have been able to choose the Maori Legend we like best and then we go to that teacher for art, dance, drama and music.
A slideshow is coming soon!

YES!!! We are going on a trip to Mangere Mountain on the 27th March to the Education Trust to learn about Maori tools and they used them and also how they used their gardens to feed everyone.

Image result for images of mangere mountain education centreImage result for images of mangere mountain education centre

Our awesome trip to Mangere Mountain
On 27 march 2017 the Middle Team went to Mangere Mountain for a trip. We were there to learn about the history of the Maori living on the mountain and how they grew their food and how they made and used their tools.  

We even learnt how to make a stone really sharp by rubbing it on a sandy stone with a little bit of water in it.  But the cool part was when we got to use a very sharpen stone which was attached to a handle of wood and use it like an axe and chip a piece of wood.

After lunch we went on a long walk up to the top of the mountain and we saw all the places that the maori lived 800 years ago. We even were told that these square type of holes were places where they kept all their harvested kumara.  There were heaps of them and only some kids were allowed to run around and count how many there were.  I think there were 20 something of them.
When then got to the top of the mountain and we got to see what it looked like on the other side.  We just sat there for ages and kept looking really far.  It was a really neat day.
By Casey
Photos of our Mangere Mountain trip

Welcome to Term 2 in Room 2

The Canary Escape
Rosie our class canary had a night out of her cage flying around the classroom.
The next morning Renae and Mrs Clark caught Rosie again using butterfly nets brought from the 2 Dollar shop.
Rosie trilled all day which we think was her way of saying that she was happy to be home again safely in her cage.

We have been learning about the Fruits of the Holy Spirit
joyful, peaceful, gentleness, patience, self-control, generosity, kindness, faithful, loving.
We worked together in groups on an inquiry on someone who we think shows the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.  HERE IS A LINK TO THE PHOTOS OF OUR POSTER INQUIRIES:
Our Poster Inquiries

Monday, 13 June 2016

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